Thursday, April 2, 2009

Best Kind of Reviews - Good Sales

We are all having a hard time getting reviews, and in all fairness it is understandable. The reviewers are hard at work. There are a record number of books to be reviewed and people can only read so fast and give an accurate and good review. I know - I've been there. So in the light of that, we must be patient and when they can get to them I have faith they will. It isn't easy - really it isn't even if you are an avid read who can read two a week then do the review. Just remember what book reports were like in school and then compaire that to now and wanting to do a fair and professional report. But sales are a kind of review too. And the sales on Casino - Star Shine have been doing well. It's been on Whiskey Creek Press' top ten for three weeks and its been out for four. In that time its stayed between 5-8 and only dropped once to a 10 for a short one day time. So If you haven't read this intriguing, erotica romance, you should. It has a varried number of sex scenes with some different types of heat levels and subplots being hatched beneath it all. Check it out at or just the entire site at by doing that you'll also get a peek at the next ones coming and they are due out soon. Troy - Lovers Lost In The Mist a really tricky, erotic time SLIP and my first contemporary Mistress Says Faster - its humorus and has some BD/SM waiting in it for the bad boys who try to steal Mistress Glenda's new Harley Davidsons. Bad Bad Boys - What'ya go'n do-

When you fall in love with one?

Hope you get to take a peek at the site

Sutlry Summers

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