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Blood of the Ruby Throne - Interview with Zera at Romance Lives Forever

Let’s meet Zera from Blood of the Ruby Throne, a new Science Fiction romance by Sultry Summers. Welcome to Romance Lives Forever. I’m Kayelle Allen, author and owner of this blog. Happy to have you here! Please tell us about your latest book.

Introducing Zera from Blood of the Ruby Throne by Sultry Summers

Age: 20
Gender: female
Birthplace: Planet Seti-Cronus
Profession: High Lady of Seti-Cronus and Alphxorn
Ethnicity: Native of Seti-Cronus
Species (for scifi/fantasy characters): humanoid
Please provide a physical description of your character.She stands at eye level with many of her military officers, 5′ 8″. She keeps fit and spends several hours a day training. She also practices with both traditional weapons and advanced. She is proud of her long blonde hair, which has only been trimmed, never cut. She wears it braided for practicality. She has blue eyes and has been told they can be quite piercing when she is angry.
Please tell us a little about your character.Zera had not planned on ruling Seti-Cronus. She prepared for a career as an officer and warrior in her worlds military. That changed with the murder of her twin brother Enos. But Zera honors her oaths. Duty, honor and truth are the principals that guide her. When Enos was killed, the throne became her sworn responsibility and she defended it. During the duel with Lord Sarc of Alphxorn she came to recognize and know the woman inside. 
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Kayelle Allen is the author and owner of Romance Lives Forever blog and books. She writes wonderful, out of this galaxy adventures in romance. Along with this interview with Zera from Blood of the Ruby Throne, her blog features various other authors and their books. Check her out!  
Blood of the Ruby Throne - AMAZON

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                           I am so proud to re-release



                                                        Sultry Summers

Desperate to save her world, Empress Zera considers joining Sarc, Lord of Alphxorn. The man subdued her military and now dares to propose marriage. Unless their worlds unify, they face defeat by vicious rag-tag space pirates. But what if this is a ploy? What if Sarc is collaborating with Kudious, the sadistic and brutal pirate leader?

With the heirloom sword of her foremothers, Zera defends her sovereignty. Prophecy states the sword is bound by blood to her true mate. When she draws Sarc's blood, the weapon cedes confirmation of their union and her defeat. Will she command at Sarc's side or serve as his slave? What does the desire in Sarc's gaze promise?

When the pirate lord prepares to attack in full force, Zera must decide. Does she gamble her world's fate and join with Sarc? Or take her chances fighting pirates alone?

Because if Kudious triumphs, Zera's freedom--and her world--are lost. But even with the might of both her armies and Sarc's, will they stop the pirates, or concede the Ruby Throne...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inspiration and Spring - Same Thing

Went for a ride this morning, just up the road and I notice the mountain side is covered with all sorts of flowers, small, blue and purple wild pansies, yellow daffodils, pink flower I have no idea what they are but they are beautiful. Apple, peach and cherry trees are in bloom and of course the dogwoods. The mountains, that a month ago were brown and tired looking, now look green or a vibrant, expectant color of red, buds getting ready to turn green. There are waterfalls everywhere and the water is COLD! Yes, this is my first full spring up in the mountains and I know for those of you who have lived up here or in any of the mountainous states most or all of your lives this is normal for you, for me, I was born in West Virginia but lived in Florida since I was three, so you can understand this is really an experience for me. There is spring in Florida, the ocean temperature warms up so you can go in it to swim, and for a short period it is pleasant - up until about mid June, then its like taking a hot bath, that is after you burn your feet getting across the hot sand. The air temperature goes from a comfortable mid 70's to an extremely humid 85 plus, and within a month you are sweating it out in the 90's with the a/c unit set at about 75 degrees. If you turn it down any lower, there goes your pay check out the window. And of course - now you get ready for hurricane season and hope one doesn't hit your area. The last five years I lived down there we were hit 3 times in as many years and two more near misses - OH and that's a direct hit, with the eye going over, not counting the storms' really hitting but not the eye. So you get the worst just not the direct hit of the "calm" center. Now you suffer through six to eight months of extreme heat, humidity and high electric bills. Thank you I'll take these mountains.

However - you have to figure, if mother nature wants you - she'll get you where ever you are. So the secret is to go where you are the most comfortable. I could ride my bicycle in Florida easier, I'm not Lance Armstrong and these mountains are used to train the riders for the Tour de France - I'll have to work up to them. Florida is pancake flat. Then again, the mountains are great to hike in. Hiking in Florida is a three water bottle endeavor and that's for an hours walk.

There is ONE thing I do miss, those launches from Kennedy Space Center - probably the only thing - I did have a good view of them - I didn't miss many. I always wished the astronauts safe flights and a good journey home. Now I have to do it while watching a TV launch.

For now I find a different type of inspiration here, more toward the Fae, Wizards and witches, Florida is more - well those stories are still on the burner and cooking I've a good memory for them not to worry and no reason to go back down there for a long while.

One thing here - I don't think I'll get over the wind in the trees - WOW and I thought the hurricane winds were something - they have mini ones here - it is really spectacular and then there are the winters here - those are fabulous - I just have to learn not to slip in the snow and fall on my a......

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami's and Earthquakes - The New Madrid River Tsunami

Seeing the news coverage on the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunamis is horrendous. Possibly because Japan is such a modern country and the coverage more live breaking we are able to stay more currently informed. This one is also affecting such a large part of our planet makes and with the Nuclear Power Plants at risk makes it more terrifying. While I now live in the mountains of the Blue Ridge we are not immune to such an event. Living in Florida most of my life, you are somewhat aware a Tsunami was a possibility but there was more danger from a hurricane, been there - did that – three times.

Now, in the mountains we are considered in a ‘yellow zone’ for earthquakes – a possibility but nowhere near as critical as the New Madrid. The New Madrid fault runs North and South along the Mississippi and is centered in Missouri. It is considered a ‘red zone’, the same as Japan though, of course, Japan has earthquakes with a much greater frequency.

The Blue Ridge mountains are laced with fault lines and the New Madrid is only a few hundred miles west of here.

This is the fault line that in 1811 and 1812 that caused four earthquakes with estimated magnitudes between 7.5 and 8.0 that struck over Christmas and New Years and the scientists now say threw the Mississippi River out of its banks and caused it to flow backwards.

At that time damage occurred as far away as Washington D.C. and Charleston, S.C. For the entire story check out the link, it will definitely get your attention.

It frightens me to think how much worse it would be now, IF an earthquake or earthquakes of these intensities should occur again. So many major cities along this fault line were built without knowledge of its existence and unlike Japan none of the buildings were built with an earthquake in mind. Instead of an ocean Tsunami, we'd have a river Tsunami and think about the cities along that long, wide river! Actually the Japanese word "Tsunami" means 'baywave'.

Possibly now would be a good time for us, the people in this country to address the possible event on an earthquake right here. Scientists are warning this fault line is endanger of once again ‘slipping’ and causing an event.

While we assist Japan all we can – we should begin to look at the dangers here, not only the serious danger in California but the danger in heart of the United States. Stop and think for a moment what an earth quake or a series of them like those in 1811 and 1812 would be like today along the New Madrid and the cities that now line the Mississippi River.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Does what WE write affect our reader's relationships?

Does what we write affect our reader's relationships? This is a question that first occurred to me before I wrote to be published. Back in those days, before computers were in every home, I would write stories for my Mom and one or two of my closest friends.

At that time a close friend's husband said to me, "I can always tell what part of a book my wife is reading, whether it was something I wrote or something she had bought."

When I asked him why he said that he went on to explain, "When the characters were at odds with each other, his wife would always find some reason to be a odds with him - always."

So I watched, and since we often read the same books I found it to be true. Now I'll admit they didn't have the most stable relationship, however, since then I've noticed this happens in other relationships as well.

When we as authors compose 'love stories' do we consider our readers might judge their romances by the ones we write? This is another area to keep in mind though I doubt it will affect our characters. After all who wants a wimpy werewolf, vampire or can conceive of a warrior without those bulging pecks?

Few authors write heroes as the skinny kid down the block with heavy glasses and a really poor complexion. Sure there have been some but generally these underwritten heroes turn out to have a secret cave where they change into a costume of black, bullet proof fabric, a full cowling mask and boots that allow him to walk up walls, OR, they slip into the now antiquated phone booth to emerge in a red and blue outfit complete with cape and their here-to-fore ability to fly - emerges. And - not to forget - he could possibly be a wizzard.

Our heroes make it difficult for the average good looking guy to measure up, not to mention the geeky guy who would be a considerate and caring partner in life. But that's why we write the stories we do - an ESCAPE for our readers, as well as our own imaginations. I plead guilty!

As a writer we are responsible to our readers to provide a good, entrancing plot. A good love story, adventure, thriller or whatever genre we write. If we produce a weak story we certainly won't sell many books. Besides who wants to waste time on such things, I don't. I doubt any author does. And we certainly aren't responsible for the condition of a couples' relationship - having no way of knowing what is going on in a persons' life. But its food for thought for us all - something the other authors might have noticed or thought of and would like to comment on.

Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback if you've notice this phenomenon occurring in the life of your readers or friends.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blogged At CJ Englands Blog

I was fortunate today - CJ England placed a blog from me on her Blog page. She is a great lady and a wonderful writer. She's given me some great tips and timely encouragement. I admire her stamina being able to do the traveling she does and still keep up with her writing. WOW how wonderful to be so active. I would like to thank her for the space and exposure. Be sure, for all those who do stop by here - go and check her blog out as well at

I'm enjoying writing up here in the mountains of North Carolina. The fall leaf change is beginning to peak, the weather is getting chilly and it is wonderful. All the chip-munks are out getting the last bit of anything they can eat to fatten up and we've seen flocks of Turkeys and several deer. Of course there are the usual groundhogs and other forest wildlife - no bears around - yet. We have owls that keep us company at night.I can get over the size of the moths, butterflys and spiders here. I thought the insects were large down in heat land but they are huge here. It really is a rainforest and I love it. I won't even start on the birds there are so many and the colors are like the leafs. Many and vibrant.

Well back to writing for now - I have several pieces coming but I keep having some major distractions - not as many as down south, these are good distractions.


Friday, September 10, 2010


Turning points, life is full of them and its only taken me forever to recognize that. I've finally climbed over a major one, a move from a life long home in Florida (yea the over-heat state) to North Carolina the land of mountains, cool running streams, endless mountian forests where my overactive imagination just went into hyper-drive. The climate here is so much more productive. Now in defense of Florida I must say I did enjoy most of the time I lived there, not just the last - Oh, four or five years, since the hurricanes payed us a visit. I never realized how much one of those storms changes things. Not only do they destroy existing things, houses, cars, landscapes - lives but the entire attitude of the area changed. It was amazing. I can really empathize with the victums of Katrina. Now to look forward, I do have a date when Star TyGer will be released thanks to the patience and continued support of Midnight Showcase - Star TyGer is contracted to be released in March of 2011, followed by the Sequel - Revenge - Immortal in April of 2011. Due to this move and some horrific events that came with it - I was delayed in completing them. For now - I'm also polishing my next submissions of a very exiciting and dramtic erotic piece of Science Fiction/Fantasy tentatively titled Blood Of The Ruby Thrones - and Atlantis Vortex is next on my list for several fans who have remained loyal and requested that book on several ocassions. My thanks to them.

More news to followSultry Summers