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New Review - Well Kind of from TRS 4 hearts for -----

It has just come to my attention that
THE ROMANCE STUDIO gave CHRISTMAS RESCUE a wonderful FOUR HEART review way back in May of 2008, well before it was scheduled to be released in November of 2008. Of course I’m thrilled!! And I would like to thank Margo for such a grand review. Still it is after Christmas – hmmm, oh heck so what? It’s never too late- or too early in the year for a great, heartwarming and (pulse heating) love story about a rescued wayward soul on a cold winter’s night and a gorgeous hunk of an alien at that. One that draws your breath from you and makes that warm fire in the fire place feel like it’s inside your…. well, you know. So I figured – I’d go ahead and post the review now.
Sultry Summers
Christmas Rescue
Sultry SummersParanormal romanceAvailable from
Whiskey Creek PressISBN: 9781603133388November 2008
Christine was sick and fed up with her creepy step-brother who took every opportunity to make her life a misery. Losing her home to him and his money-grubbing mother after her father died was heart breaking. Then out of a clear starry night came someone unexpected who would change her whole life.
Feeling low and wishing upon a falling star to make her life change, Christine, got a huge surprise in the form of Trinous. A bold fierce warrior from another world. Hmmm…, aliens from another world sure are hot! As long as they are not like the ones in the news!
Soon she found herself wrapped in his arms, and panting for space. Hey, he sure knows how to move fast. Good thing we take it slow down here on earth. Trinous was glad and happy he had met Christine because she was so different from his womankind. She was strong, bold, and she went after what she wanted. Trinous' protectiveness saved Christine from harm many times against those who would harm her, and as their love blossomed on the Christmas Holiday, I know that they would not forget the way they stood firm against those who would tear them apart. A really good book to read, with lots of excitement and a caring love story.
Overall rating: Sensuality rating: Explicit Reviewer: Margo ArthurMay 20, 2008
www.sqpens.com/ChristmasRescueexcerpt.html just so you can go ahead and read an excerpt or two if you’d like too, for those who haven’t read it – yet.
Christmas Rescue is available at Whiskey Creek Press – torrid
http://www.fictionwise.com/servlet/mwsearch Amazon http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_b?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Christmas+Rescue&x=12&y=23

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