Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami's and Earthquakes - The New Madrid River Tsunami

Seeing the news coverage on the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunamis is horrendous. Possibly because Japan is such a modern country and the coverage more live breaking we are able to stay more currently informed. This one is also affecting such a large part of our planet makes and with the Nuclear Power Plants at risk makes it more terrifying. While I now live in the mountains of the Blue Ridge we are not immune to such an event. Living in Florida most of my life, you are somewhat aware a Tsunami was a possibility but there was more danger from a hurricane, been there - did that – three times.

Now, in the mountains we are considered in a ‘yellow zone’ for earthquakes – a possibility but nowhere near as critical as the New Madrid. The New Madrid fault runs North and South along the Mississippi and is centered in Missouri. It is considered a ‘red zone’, the same as Japan though, of course, Japan has earthquakes with a much greater frequency.

The Blue Ridge mountains are laced with fault lines and the New Madrid is only a few hundred miles west of here.

This is the fault line that in 1811 and 1812 that caused four earthquakes with estimated magnitudes between 7.5 and 8.0 that struck over Christmas and New Years and the scientists now say threw the Mississippi River out of its banks and caused it to flow backwards.

At that time damage occurred as far away as Washington D.C. and Charleston, S.C. For the entire story check out the link, it will definitely get your attention.

It frightens me to think how much worse it would be now, IF an earthquake or earthquakes of these intensities should occur again. So many major cities along this fault line were built without knowledge of its existence and unlike Japan none of the buildings were built with an earthquake in mind. Instead of an ocean Tsunami, we'd have a river Tsunami and think about the cities along that long, wide river! Actually the Japanese word "Tsunami" means 'baywave'.

Possibly now would be a good time for us, the people in this country to address the possible event on an earthquake right here. Scientists are warning this fault line is endanger of once again ‘slipping’ and causing an event.

While we assist Japan all we can – we should begin to look at the dangers here, not only the serious danger in California but the danger in heart of the United States. Stop and think for a moment what an earth quake or a series of them like those in 1811 and 1812 would be like today along the New Madrid and the cities that now line the Mississippi River.


Fiona McGier said...

No one wants to stop and think's hard work. No one wants to plan for the future. Just give me a huge profit right now! I'll worry about the future tomorrow...NOT! And then there will be the nay-sayers who insist that you are just making this up, that there is NO no global warming. Sad, but I fear you are not going to be listened to. We need to rebuild bridges before they all fall down across the country, also, but no one cares about that either...unless they are on one of the ones that collapses, like that one in Minneapolis, over the Mississippi!

Mysti said...

The midwest is already suffering from the recent floods. I can't imagine what an earthquake might do. We lived in Western Kentucky up until last November, and I experienced one big tremor (4.0) when my son was an infant. That was scary enough.