Friday, October 15, 2010

Blogged At CJ Englands Blog

I was fortunate today - CJ England placed a blog from me on her Blog page. She is a great lady and a wonderful writer. She's given me some great tips and timely encouragement. I admire her stamina being able to do the traveling she does and still keep up with her writing. WOW how wonderful to be so active. I would like to thank her for the space and exposure. Be sure, for all those who do stop by here - go and check her blog out as well at

I'm enjoying writing up here in the mountains of North Carolina. The fall leaf change is beginning to peak, the weather is getting chilly and it is wonderful. All the chip-munks are out getting the last bit of anything they can eat to fatten up and we've seen flocks of Turkeys and several deer. Of course there are the usual groundhogs and other forest wildlife - no bears around - yet. We have owls that keep us company at night.I can get over the size of the moths, butterflys and spiders here. I thought the insects were large down in heat land but they are huge here. It really is a rainforest and I love it. I won't even start on the birds there are so many and the colors are like the leafs. Many and vibrant.

Well back to writing for now - I have several pieces coming but I keep having some major distractions - not as many as down south, these are good distractions.



Lisa said...

wonder sound like here the deer and wild life. Watch out for the snake though.

Mysti said...

Hiya, just jumped on to follow. I've got my own blog up and going for a while now. I write with Melange as well. Hope to pick up some of my fellow authors' books this coming year. See you around!