Sunday, August 22, 2010

Never really left - but I AM BACK FOR SURE

Hi all

Sultry is back and soon I'll be releasing more of my fantasies, romances and science-fiction to let you escape with me into my rather - far away imagination. I'd love to hear for you all so please feel free to post on the blog.

Star TyGer is finished and going to Midnight Showcase within the next few days - hopefully they'll still be as happy with it and the sequel as they were when they contracted it.

Mae Powers has been great about allowing me a little more time to get it finished because of our move.

We are in North Carolina now - up in the glorious mountains, getting ready for fall and looking forward to winter. I plan to write a great deal and when not doing that - I'm going to sew and make jewelry and - yes - yes I'm going to get my oils out and paint. A long ignored talent we live in a community where it is very encouraged and there are a lot of artists.

Actually is a great place to live. They have festivals almost every weekend, motorcycle gatherings and bicycle roadies everywhere here that train for the big races like the Tour' de' France. Actually Lance Armstrong at times trains in this general area. This ara is just plain COOL and in the winter it is cool in more ways than one. Our daughter - still in collage has already found four 5 caret rubies in the road that leads up the mountain to our driveway. They look like they recently have broken from the geode and just need a quick polish to be set. Beautiful stones. I plan to go digging in the local stream less than a mile away. We also had a bat sneak into the house through a hole next to the rocked fire place. We carefully caught him and put him back outside. Cute little fellow, didn't even attempt to bite (we did wear heavy gloves)

We've also made Blackberry and Peach Perseves - Yummy!For now that's about it. Look for more information soon.


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Kayelle Allen said...

Glad to see you back! Or should I say "back at it" instead? Sounds like your entire family is more happy in NC. I can't imagine what it must be like to find rubies scattered in the dirt! When I was a kid, my family lived in Arizona for many years, and we used to go rock hunting. My folks would find a dry gulley or stream (usually no more than 6-8" deep) and we'd hunt for garnets. They were plentiful. Sometimes we'd find arrowheads as well. I haven't gone rock hunting in years. Makes me want to head to your house and go searching for treasures with you. That would be fun!