Saturday, February 27, 2010

Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys: Why do I read more male SF writers?

Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys: Why do I read more male SF writers?
I hope I've clicked on the right link to comment - I tend to be much like you, I'm not into Tupperware parties, or tea parties either. At a mixed party I gravitate toward the men and their conversations finding a more rewarding venue of discussion there than talking about the latest starlet who hasn't been eating or rather what's she has been purging. I also write Science Fiction/Fantasy - I do write with an erotic flare. I don't drop my plots and allow the sex to take over! However more and more my books which are more Science Fiction/Fantasy are becoming less erotic, more toward romance as a tool and the former becoming the more important genre of the book. Yes being a woman, I love the romance and yes sex is great but without the PLOT being driven by a plot not by the sex (if its the other way around) I feel its more porn with a twist, small as it generally is in such cases. I am very pleased to have found your blog, now I know I'm not alone in this big, new opening genre where a woman's imagination can and IS coming up to speed with those we have read and loved since childhood namely H.G. Wells, Julies Verne and of course the numerous and more recent authors which I won't bore everyone by naming. With the exception of a couple of reaches into contemporary that I've done, all my books are either Science Fiction or Fantasy based and yes, all have erotic scenes when I write as Sultry Summers. Longer works which I hope to bring out - upon polishing, under my own name, Sheila Eskew will be romance and more Science Fiction and Fantasy.
As an author who has, in the passed also reviewed, I've given books low scores when they've been dubbed as Sci/fi or Fantasy and the author has spent so many pages on the sex the characters couldn't possibly have had time for anything else yet the book did have the Sci/fi elements and a promising plot which was horrible butchered because the author became too focused on sex. One in particular (which will remain unnamed) comes to mind, started well, had great promise but so many protocols for new planetary exploration were broken, or not addressed to explain why and in the end - well there wasn't one, the characters were too busy with other matters and the plot forgotten. I keep hoping for some true Science Fiction from women authors. We are beginning to see it and yes with those sex and romance elements included - I think it can be done and done right.
To sum it up, I love your blog's lead in post and agree with you completely. I was so glad to open you post and find this link.

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