Thursday, December 24, 2009


Normally I don't review movies. I absolutely loved the new Star Trek movie and thought J. J. Abrams did a wonderful job as did all the actors on the movie. I very much look forward to the NEXT one already contracted. However, tonight I had the most wonderful cinema treat - I saw Avatar in 3D! IF you hadn't planned to see this movie at the theaters - I encourage you to do so! Not only are the special effects worth it but the plot and acting are excellent. I really hope to see it again - even though, in 3D it does cost a little more and in these times that hurts. This movie is an adventure into another world - duh, but in 3D you really feel like you are a part of it. Talk about SHOW instead of tell, this movie does that and so much more. Each of the main characters, and that includes the bad guys, you feel their side - even when you don't like them. It was a great experience. On the regular "Big Screen" it would still be good, even great, but 3D makes it, well - something - MORE!

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