Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am really pleased to announce my first contemporary novella is out and already has a fabulous review from Books You Gotta Read. That's right! MISTRESS SAYS FASTER was just released with a pre-release review below is the review link http://yougottareadreviews.blogspot.com/2009/05/review-mistress-says-faster-by-sultry.html.
And now, so you get a little sip of what Mistress Says Faster is all about, I've included a short blurb: Light BD/SM - Mistress Glenda watches the Motorcycle Hijackers polish her new Harley Davidson in the cool weather of the Blue Ridge Parkway after she traps them trying to steal her ride. With their hands zip tied, stripped down to their wet jock underwear and no phone to call the sheriff whose in on the operation they aren’t going anywhere until the tall blonde, knife brandishing Glenda lets them. However one of the three isn’t what he appears. Though in with the gang of greasy crooks, he's an attractive, well built, powerful hunk who she’s fall'n for, is he one of the 'bad guys?' Or something - else?

For more information go to my web site at www.sqpens.com/MSF.html or you can go to http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com to purchase Mistress Says Faster is on the front page of torrid.
Keep watching - I will be announcing the start of a contest in the next day or two - nothing to buy - just a web site scavenger hunt, question and answer contest with the winner's name picked from the correct answers. The prize will be an assortment of items taken from, or dealing with Mistress Says Faster.

The contest will run for two weeks and the start and finish dates will be announced with the contests rules. I will post to all the groups I'm a member of and of course the first group will be Paranormal-Escapismwriter where the full details will remain posted as will a full page on my web site.

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