Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Troy - Lovers In The Mist is Released !!!!

I am so pleased to announce Troy - Lovers In The Mists has been released by Whiskey Creek Press and is available on their web site at you'll see the fantastic cover on the front page.

Troy - Lovers In The Mists is a juicy and exciting story of time travel, sword duels and hot love on the beaches of the Aegean Sea between two lovers, Geina and Achilles both reincarnated Iphigenia and Achilles from just before the Trojan War. Both are themselves as well and fall instantly in love having walked the earth for many thousands of years - star crossed until fate, at last, has given them another chance. However fate never makes life easy and it has also reincarnated Agamemnon as the professor in charge of the dig at the archaeological site at Troy where Genia is a novice digger. Agamemnon completely takes over the professor and he becomes manically obsessed with again sacrificing her to the goddess Artemis though she no longer requires such a thing. Now each time a mysterious - dark - dank fog appears those caught in Mists suddenly find themselve back in the ancient world and the mercy of the ancients. Bloody sword fights, statues that smile their favor and clothing that changes but modern weaponry that doesn't makes for interesting and deadly encounters with the anceint world while Achilles does his best to protect Genia, modern day Iphigenia and she proves her worth as a warrior too. But will Agamemnon succeed in again slaying his "daughter" or will their win in the battle in the past and in the NOW?

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Caffey said...

I love time travel Sultry! Is this a new book or re-release? So neat! I'll be watching for this!

So miss chatting with you! Cathie