Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Casino - Star Shine - release on Feb.15th

I am so excited ! This was such a fun book to write, lots of action, lots of erotic fun and then there is the damsel in distress who has to be rescued. One who is fully capable of rescuing herself except the sheer numbers of captures have her bond and imprisoned in an electronic prison. A woman general who is out to ransom her for mineral rights on her father's land but first she want a few hours of her own pleasure from the innocent maid. And of course, a handsome Lord who can't get the little spit fire named Blaze out of his head no matter how many of the Casino's pleasure women he spends the nights with. Of course there a little more to it - that woman general - she wants the handsome Lord in her bed too. Keeps looking at him like he's her dinner and he doesn't take that too well especially when he learns that mineral she wants, well, it will endanger his world. Matters just get stickier from there - so take a gamble, you usually do when you go to a Casino and one in outer space - the stakes are high at Casino - Star Shine.


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