Friday, December 5, 2008


Contest Time for Christmas Rescue and Naughty is Nice
I promised a contest to celebrate the release of two Christmas books, especially from me, Scrooge!
Just a short contest, the prize of which is a Christmas box with Christmas cookie cutters, a secret cookie receipt to go with them - some book tags (Christmas’ equal to bookmarks - colorful ribbons with bells), a couple of ornaments that reflect the books all in a nice, bright box as well as a free download of either book if you don’t already have it. Winner’s choice! Either Christmas Rescue or Naughty is Nice.
Check out my web site at for excerpts and blurbs. The catch is the following questions must be answered correctly and submitted to on or before Dec. 15th, 2008. This is a quickie.
Questions – all answers found in either blurbs or excerpts on my web site:
1) In Christmas Rescue how did Christine and the alien meet?
2) In Dream Elf in the anthology Naughty is Nice, Carolyn dreams of Sean as an Elf, what does he show up as?
3) In Christmas Rescue what drink brings Christine and Trintos together?
4) In Dream Elf what nationality is Sean?
ALL ANSWERS ARE ON THE SITE – GOOD LUCK and remember to e-mail them to me at please put CONTEST in the subject line. The contest is open to all and I invite you to join my Yahoo group
Sultry Summers

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