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   Get Caught In the Vortex to Romance and Adventure inside 


           by Sultry Summers

Archaeologist Jessica Carter has discovered an ancient pyramid entrance! Secretly, she theorizes it leads to Atlantis and proves she is right. Hidden in the mud of a drought stricken Florida Lake, the find reveals a living Atlantis and places her life in danger from several different sources. Strangely, these events trigger vague, and forgotten, but hauntingly arousing memories of the aquamarine gaze of a man from her past. After a harrowing life or death encounter, she finally remembers he had saved her life in previous scuba diving accident.
Xerxes, Lord of Atlantis, has loved Jessica since the day he saved her, keeping a distant, and furtive vigil. Honor bound to his first responsibility, safeguarding Atlantis from discovery, that duty now includes deciding Jessica’s fate. He whisks her away to Atlantis as his bride against her will.
Her abduction further endangers her life. Xerxes, seeking to secure her safety and her silence, further endangers her life by her abduction. A traitor in Atlantis furthers his lunatic’s quest to rule. Jessica becomes the center of his insane plans to terminate Atlantis’ anonymity and Xerxes rule by trying to forcing her to reveal the secrets she has unearthed. Her refusal will cost her life. Can Xerxes save the only woman he loves and keep Atlantis’ true existence from the rest of planet Earth?


Friday, February 6, 2015


High Lady Zera of Seti-Cronus had held her throne for less than a day when High Lord Sarc of Alphxorn marched into her private gathering room and presented his proposal of marriage. Days earlier, she had refused Sarc’s offer, made through his ambassador, sarcastically suggesting he make it in person.

Again, she refuses him. Sarc, already half in love with what appears an Ice Queen challenges her to defend her throne and her rule by a sword duel. Zera’s reputation as an undefeated swordswoman already well known to him, Sarc is determined to win to reunite their worlds. With a ruthless horde of space pirates threatening both their worlds, only together can their peoples triumph against the invaders.

A dynamic duel ensues between the two. A potentially deadly dance of dominance and passionate attraction, the two leader’s parries and slashes takes them from the privacy of the gathering room up the dais to the Crystal Throne of Seti-Cronus. Zera draws first blood. Not a serious wound, but a small amount of his blood pools on the seat of the throne.

Unhindered by the slice, Sarc appears energized. Strangely, Zera feels her mysterious, heirloom sword become too heavy to lift with one hand, fulfilling an ancient prophecy. In a polished maneuver, Sarc flips Zera’s sword away, slicing her hand. A small amount of her blood joins Sarc’s on the throne. Unseen, their blood is absorbed.
High Lord Sarc, now ruler of both worlds, looks down his sword at Zera laying defeated at his feet. Moments later the Clear Crystal Throne turns to a Blood Ruby Throne…
Blood Of The Ruby Throne presents the reader with a sensual romantic adventure full of outer space adventures with the threat of marauding, conquering pirates. Courtly intrigue, traitors, and of course sword duels fill the action packed pages, with love always at risk between two powerful ruling personalities, yet only their love can save their worlds.

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Je Suis Charlie - Freedom Of Speech!

All Cartoonists, Authors, Journalists and anyone with who values Freedom Of Speech has been affected by the recent horrifying events in Paris, France! That one phrase says it all!

Je Suis Charlie


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Contest Winner for Dec.
Jackie is the winner of the free e-book copy of Christmas Rescue - Hope you enjoy reading a western/alien adventure set in Afton Wy.


For December's contest give-away I'm offering one of my most enjoyed and selected books, which also happens to be one of my oldest.
Entering the contest is easy! Just e-mail me at 
Put Christmas Rescue in the subject line, and in the body tell me one thing you like best about Christmas!
That's it! At the end of December I'll pick a winner by drawing and e-mail the winner. I'll also post the winner, first name only, on my blog.
Below is a blurb from Christmas Rescue:
Alone in her family’s 100 year old ranch house, Christina anticipates a Blue Christmas but not the crash of an alien craft in her pasture. Concerned for the occupant, she bravely risks her life to rescue the pilot, taking the unconscious alien back to her home. When the alien, Trintous, awakes their mutual attraction is overwhelming. In the week that follows Trintous repairs his ship, when he isn’t in bed with his Earth love, and Christina prepares to sell her “pet” breeder stock.
Each protects the other against imminent threats. He protects her from her inheritance-grubbing stepfamily and she protects him from government agents searching for a crashed alien.
Trintous intends to take Christina when he returns home to the stars, much to her disbelief, and he also plans a unique surprise for her.
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WINNER of the Early Fall Contest was Teresa - She chose
Mega - Book Troy - Lovers In The Mists & Trojan Gold

Halloween is possibly my favorite holiday. Yeah, the costumes, the candy, and the cooler weather, Halloween is colorful, and fun! So, for the month of October a lucky winner gets their pick of whatever e-book from my web-site they would like to read. No tricks, just a treat.
Just go to my web site at  - look around, decide what e-book you would like and e-mail me. Put October contest in the subject line, and in the body of the e-mail tell me which book AND tell me what you like best about Halloween.
I’ll announce the winner after Halloween right here!
That’s it!

Happy Halloween!!!
Sultry Summers  

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Fall Begins
For the beginning of Fall - I would like to invite my readers to
select between either of my Mega - Books from Whiskey Creek Press as a contest e-book prize.
Planet Of the Veils & Casino - Star Shine OR Troy - Lovers In The
Mists & Trojan Gold. Check them both out at  decided which one you would like to
win and e-mail me at . Just tell me in a
note which set, the science fiction Planet Of The Veils & Casino -
Star Shine OR the Fantasy Troy - Lovers In The Mists & Trojan
Gold. At the end of September I'll pick a winner and post the name
on Romance Books 4 Us and on my blog site,
While you are on my web site - look around at my other selections.
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                   CELEBRATING ONE YEAR OF


Lady Zera’s brother, murdered by pirates, leaves her ruler of their people. Sarc, High Lord of Alphxorn, a neighboring world, also threatened by the pirates is intent on uniting their planets. To do so, he renders her military impotent and allows Zera to defend her throne by sword duel. Never before defeated, Zera draws first blood and fulfills an ancient prophecy; her sword becomes too heavy to lift. Disarmed she lies defeated at his feet, the business end of his sword at her throat. His demand? She marry him, or become his personal slave. Her choice. Either way the two worlds become one. Together can they defeat the pirates? Despite the intrigue and lies planted to pull them apart, will the lust and passion between them turn to love?

Paranormal Romance Review

Gives Blood Of The Ruby Throne 

A 5 Star Review

The book contains romance, betrayal, torture and suspense. The romance between Zera and Sarc is wonderful as they both accept their feelings for each other and learn to trust. There is lots of intrigue and fighting and even a planet where women rule and men are subservient. If action, romance and space travel are your things than this is the book for you. 

By:  Linda Tonis  Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


I'm giving away 2 copies of Blood Of The Ruby Throne to different Winners

E-mail me at  -

Tell me what you enjoy about a good sword fight in a book - ESPECIALLY one between a man and a woman warrior! Read the excerpt on my web-site at

and if you tell me what you liked about that sword duel - there will be an extra boon - if your name is chosen in the drawing.

Looking forward to hearing from you !

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