Interview with Lord Xerxes, High Lord Of Atlantis

Interview with Lord Xerxes, High Lord of Atlantis

Secure Erotic Times is honored to welcome the High Lord of Atlantis, Lord Xerxes:
Thank you, I am pleased to be here.
Can you give our readers an idea of what it is like to rule the sovereign city that is now Atlantis? From the information our sources have gathered your position did get a rather dicey a year or so back, what can you tell us?
Now that situation is resolved and Atlantis is back to being the utopian society it has existed as since the legendary upheaval that propelled it to become the lost civilization most upper-world people equate it with; I can only say affairs are back to normal. The best account is to be found in Atlantis Vortex. To go into a great amount of detail now, would extend this interview into a mini-series. He laughed.
After reading Atlantis Vortex, I can understand that response. I completely became caught up in the adventure and the action. I will say the romantic drama must have been difficult on both you and the Lady of Atlantis, Jessica.
Yes, yes, it was. He sighed. Lady Jessica is a special woman.
Please, let’s go back to the first time you met Lady Jessica, can you expand on that?
Yes, that I can do. Xerxes sat back and got comfortable in his chair. We were both younger. I had planned to go to West Palm Beach to have a piece of jewelry cleaned as a present for my stepmother. Before doing so, I anchored my yacht-sub for a dive on the wreck, the Mitzpah, and became involved in rescuing Jessica and her parents. Of course, I couldn’t allow them to know who I was, or allow the United States Coast Guard to learn my identity. He smiled slyly.
What are you saying, Lord Xerxes?
Well…I gave Jessica and her parents, each a cup of coffee…and in that brew was a strong memory-clouding element. An embarrassed look passed over his features, like a little boy who had been caught playing a prank.
What about the rescue crew on the Coast Guard cutter, how did you keep them from knowing who you were?
In their case, I left soon after Jessica and her parents transferred over to the cutter and put my yacht-sub into stealth mode. I then disappeared beneath the waves. Puff, gone! I fear my disappearance is one more mystery for the, ah, Devil’s Triangle – as you in the upper-world describe that area.
That was a neat trick! When did your wife finally remember you?
Actually, I think it was before I kidnapped her away from her upper-world life, though she wouldn’t allow herself to see what was before her eyes. Both laughed.
Can you answer a few questions about the history of Atlantis?
I will try, to the best of my limitations.
How old is Atlantis?
Atlantis is over six thousand years old, as it is now, beneath the Atlantic Ocean.
That’s amazing! Can you explain how old it was before it existed beneath the Atlantic?
Let me say this…when Atlantis suffered the cataclysmic disaster that necessitated the decision of either rebuilding on land or going beneath the waves and becoming a hidden civilization our society and culture was two thousand plus years old
What happened? Why did your people decide to go into seclusion?
Ah, two questions at once! Xerxes grinned. First of all, the common myth held by the upper-world concerning a singular volcanic/earthquake event is close to accurate. However, there is more to it than is known, and I’m afraid it will have to remain that way. There are hints in Atlantis Vortex regarding that situation. But, Xerxes sighed, there are other factors I cannot discuss. As for the second question, why? Our people knew the disaster was coming. We had scientific methods that warned us. Because Atlantis was on a huge island-continent, we could conceal how advanced we were from our less advanced neighbors. This allowed us to trade with them without allowing them to see our superiority. Had they known they would have become frightened and intimidated. Had that happened, they would have either begun to treat us as gods, which we do not believe is right, or, they would have attempted to steal our advancements to use against us. In our ancestor’s judgment, they did not have the psychological maturity to control the technology we had developed. To protect not only our own people, but also the developing world around us, we chose to live beneath the Ocean.
So you are saying, six thousand years ago the people of Atlantis were advanced enough to build an under-water city? I find that incredibly difficult to believe.
I am sure you do. I know how unbelievable such a feat sounds for a people at that time in Earth’s history. However, it is the truth.
I have to ask, where did your people live until that area settled down enough for you to build the underwater city?
Xerxes smiled patiently. That, I cannot answer. Sorry. Again, the root answers can be found in Atlantis Vortex.
Let’s go to your childhood, can we?
To a degree, yes.
Where did you go to school?
In Atlantis, we have excellent teachers. Our schools, from kindergarten through college and even advanced degrees for many subjects are equal to the upper-world universities.
Did you attend college and if so what do you hold a degree in?
Oh, yes, I attended college, and hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.
Is that your only degree? Did you attend any upper-world schools? She noticed Xerxes’ tanned blond complexion flush.
Yes, I did attend another university and have a degree in Engineering.
And, Lord Xerxes, what university did you attend?
Shall we just say it was a well-known one of which I would rather remain a less known alumni. His interviewer looked frustrated. I am sorry, but there are some questions I must remain vague about. To answer you truthfully could comprise the security of not only Atlantis, but ah, other situations I have given my word to hold such matters confidential, and I make it policy not to fabricate or break my promises.
We appreciate your candor, Lord Xerxes. One last question, what does the future hold for you, Lady Jessica, and Atlantis?
Alas, I’m not psychic. He smiled. I hope the future holds a normal life with children and my loving wife. I also hope to reveal Atlantis to the upper-world in my lifetime. I feel we can be of a benefit to your world, as you can benefit ours.
Thank you for being with us and answering the questions you could, Lord Xerxes.
Thank you for inviting me. Soon, I hope to answer more of your questions and possible to have an announcement for you.
Xerxes smiled inscrutably, rose and shook the lady interviewer’s hand. It had been a difficult session for him. Truly, he would have preferred to answer all her questions fully. He hoped that day wasn’t far away. For now, he looked forward to the enjoyable trip back home in his royal yacht-sub.
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