Submissions In Time - Excerpt

New Excerpt from Submissions In Time

Stephanie was mad, not angry—mad.
No man treated her like this! None! What he’d done last night was nothing compared to this! Now he was angry with her for her sense of humor. All men were alike in one way or another.
Behind her she heard hooves and assumed it was Daniel. Finally she glanced back to see Gordon coming up fast. She reigned in her horse to see why he was following her.
“Gordon, what do you want?” Stephanie threw at the man with a snarl, her temper foul and in no mood for pleasantries.
“I just didn’t think it was right for a woman to be riding alone in the jungle.” Gordon flashed her winning smile.
“I’m not your average woman and I’ll be fine. Now Sir, turn around and head back to town or your home. I promise you, I don’t give a damn which but leave me in peace.” Stephanie put heels to her horse but Gordon grabbed her reins. Her horse tried to rear and bumped Gordon’s in doing so, causing his to bolt, almost unseating him.
“You’re a handful!” Gordon’s arm snaked around her waist and pulled.
Let me go!” Stephanie demanded and landed a hard right cross on his nose.
“Oh, is Lord Maxwell a fool to let you out of his sight!”
Stephanie wasn’t one to be manhandled by a person like Gordon, he
tried to unseat her again and pull her into his saddle. Her skirts had become entangled in her strips on the other side of her saddle giving her an advantage he hadn’t counted on. He also hadn’t counted on the heel of her left hand meeting the cartilage of his nose and breaking it.
Blood flowed freely from his injured face and the sound of another set of hooves became clear coming up from behind. Stephanie heard them, but Gordon was too enraged.
“You’ll pay for that, bitch!” he thundered.
Daniel saw the scene. Pulling his horse to a stop and cocking his flintlock pistol, addressed Gordon, “I don’t think so Gordon, and I don’t like what you’ve just called my wife for defending herself.”
Gordon released Stephanie and turned to look at Daniel, clearly infuriated, obviously having had a drink or two, he saw his death in his cold gray stare.
“Now, Lord Maxwell, I was trying to make sure she arrived back at your house in one piece.”
“Gordon… leave before I really lose my temper,” Daniel growled. The man wheeled his horse and headed for his home. Daniel’s stare fell on Stephanie, now distracted trying to untangle her gown from the strips.
Feeling his perusal she slowly looked around, her anger somewhat discharged after fighting with Gordon. Her gaze met his.
“You are drunk.” Stephanie urged her horse forward at a slower gate.
“Stephanie, stop,” Daniel commanded.
Daniel rode next to her and stopped her. “I said stop.”
“How dare you? You leave me alone in a strange town, stranded, without a way to get back to the house. And where are you? Getting drunk! I had no idea the great Daniel Maxwell had a drinking problem.” Stephanie kicked her horse into a full run and headed for the house.
Daniel, angry, close on her heels stopped in front of the house Stephanie had loosed her gown and started to slip down from the saddle when Daniel, faster at dismount, jerked her off the horse. With the strength to enforce his will he kissed her heatedly, Stephanie pushed against him and finally she gained her release to stomp up the stairs to their room.
Her rash action still to be accounted for, Daniel ran up the stairs to
their room, catching the door before she could. He slammed the door shut behind him.
“Mr. Maxwell, this charade has continued long enough. I want normal clothing, I want to go home to the twenty-first century and I do mean now. I’ve had it with your game and will not be bullied by you any longer.”
“You little tart, you will do as you’re told.” He took a step closer to her.
“I can smell the rum on you. Did you drink an entire bottle?” She pushed him away, “Keep your distance…drunk.”
“I had a couple of drinks Mrs. Maxwell but I am certainly not drunk. I came after you because I knew Gordon was hot on your cute little heels. I knew what his game was.”
“Yes and I could have take him down by myself, thank you. You’ve intimidated me I’ll admit. You’ve had the upper hand, but now you don’t any longer. You will take me home.”
“You are home,” he raged at her. “And you are my wife.”
Daniel’s hands were on her shoulders, his strength much greater than that of Gordon’s. He shoved her on the bed. She rolled away from him but became entangled in her gown and the mosquito netting.
Swearing in ribald language, disgusted with all the fabric she was dressed in, “…God for a pair of jeans and boots!” Stephanie finished the string of curse words.
Daniel used the knife he always wore to slit the strings of her gown and jerked the bustier from her bodice. His mouth was on her breasts sending sensations through her like quick silver.
“No you won’t do that to me again.”
“Yes I will Steph and you’ll enjoy it… again, just like before.” Daniel threw her skirt over her head, his hands exploring her feverish and sweat soaked body. Even as she attempted to fight him, he slipped the braided restraints over her arms again.
“No, not again, you said you wouldn’t.”
“And you said you wouldn’t run.” He pulled her skirt away from her face. His now sober and passionate eyes looked into hers. Daniel released her arms suddenly seeing no need.
His mouth took hers, the taste of rum sweet on his breath she returned his passion and felt the restraints released.
“Could have at least offered me a drink, damn it,” Stephanie gasped.
His hands caressed down over her arms to fondle her breasts. To her anguish, she wanted him, and had, badly, since he came up behind her fighting off Gordon to save her. His cock pressed hard against her belly, his hands ripped her pantaloons away and found her wet sex. Entering her with a shove, she grunted from the force, not painful but not the gentle lover of the night before, she reveled in his mastery. Without her bidding them to, her free arms encircled his neck and pulled him closer. Their mouths fought, their tongues fenced while he pounded into her body he lifted her hips from the mattress in his climax while she found hers, pulling him closer grunting her fulfillment.
“You’re mine, Stephanie, now and always, I’ll not let you go.” He pulled away from her, looking down. “Here you stay… for now.”
“Damn you Daniel, and what you do to me.”
“You love it, Stephanie. Get dressed, I’ll be nice and take you for a swim since I did leave you alone in town,” he joked, a devilish smile lit his face.
“You’re going to leave me on the beach alone too?” Stephanie threw at him. “I don’t have a swimsuit. I know women in this century didn’t swim at least not in public. You’re teasing me but I’d love to go for a swim… I’ll admit.”
Daniel stepped close, “I have a secret, so get dressed and I’ll share it with you.”
“You have a lot of secrets, which one will you share with me?”
“One today, tomorrow… we’ll see.”
Stephanie put on a day dress and followed Daniel down a trail, through the jungle to an isolated beach stopping at a well-hidden cave. Inside, Daniel provided a surprise as promised. He gave her a bathing suit, fins, a mask and snorkel.
In a dark corner, she spied two sets of scuba gear next to a locked cabinet.
“Get changed,” Daniel told her. “Don’t act so modest. I’ve seen you in the nude.”
“Yeah, and I know what happens when you do. I want to go for a swim.”
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