Atlantis Vortex - Excerpt

Before Xerxes ruled Atlantis - there was another love story, that of his parents, here is a short clip of their romance....

Xerxes found the journals he sought beneath the photos. These written glimpses began before Andros came to Atlantis before his father met his mother and became High Lord of Atlantis and her sister city Pacifica.
Andros was the second son of the High Lord of the Mediterranean city known as Minoan. Minoan, one of the twelve so called Lost Civilizations of Legend, the upper-world scientists and researchers often mistook for a possible Atlantis. Xerxes’ mother was visiting Minoan as the Atlantean/Pacfician Ambassador. As the next sovereign, it was fitting she become acquainted with the other high officials of Atlantis and Pacifica’s associate city-states. Andros wrote the entries in his journal in Greek, the common language of Minoans. Xerxes, fluent in the language began to read where he found his mother's name first mentioned.
* * * *
Today I was introduced to the beautiful daughter of the High Lord of Atlantis, Astraea, or Starmaid! Legend, myth, says she was Zeus' daughter. Without question, I now believe in the old myths. Astraea is lovely beyond description. Her long golden hair is the color of the finest beach sand, and her eyes are the color of the sea. I became lost at sea the moment I saw her. If she were the daughter of a shrimp farmer, I would not care. I would marry her tomorrow if she would have me.
Xerxes paused, sipped his wine and remembered even as a little boy of four, he knew his parents loved each other. He scanned on.
Astraea has stayed an extra week! My mother called her mother and assured the High Lady of Atlantis all was proper, Astraea was well chaperoned. My father and Astraea's father talked for a long time.
Xerxes scanned through a few more daily entries before finding the next pertinent passage.
Our solicitors have reached an agreement! Thanks be to God! I told Astraea I loved her and would gladly serve as her consort husband, allowing her full rule of Atlantis and Pacifica. Whatever she wished! I wanted only to be with her as her spouse. She smiled sweetly and kissed me. Never has a kiss affected me so profoundly. She rose and left me in the garden. My heart sank, I feared she was leaving. An hour or so later her solicitor approached my father with her terms. Joint rule of Atlantis provided we retain her family’s Atlantean name of Kallias.
With father in agreement, I gladly signed the documents. Tomorrow we will journey to Atlantis to begin preparations for our wedding.
Xerxes skipped ahead; most entries were of their happy times together before their nuptials. But two days before the wedding, Xerxes found a disturbing segment.
As I was touring the city today, the people of Atlantis greeted me warmly. All I met seemed friendly, content with Astraea's choice of a husband and as their next High Lord. These are delightful people, and I find myself already at one with them. 

Atlantis Vortex release date 2/4/2013
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