Sunday, September 20, 2015

   Get Caught In the Vortex to Romance and Adventure inside 


           by Sultry Summers

Archaeologist Jessica Carter has discovered an ancient pyramid entrance! Secretly, she theorizes it leads to Atlantis and proves she is right. Hidden in the mud of a drought stricken Florida Lake, the find reveals a living Atlantis and places her life in danger from several different sources. Strangely, these events trigger vague, and forgotten, but hauntingly arousing memories of the aquamarine gaze of a man from her past. After a harrowing life or death encounter, she finally remembers he had saved her life in previous scuba diving accident.
Xerxes, Lord of Atlantis, has loved Jessica since the day he saved her, keeping a distant, and furtive vigil. Honor bound to his first responsibility, safeguarding Atlantis from discovery, that duty now includes deciding Jessica’s fate. He whisks her away to Atlantis as his bride against her will.
Her abduction further endangers her life. Xerxes, seeking to secure her safety and her silence, further endangers her life by her abduction. A traitor in Atlantis furthers his lunatic’s quest to rule. Jessica becomes the center of his insane plans to terminate Atlantis’ anonymity and Xerxes rule by trying to forcing her to reveal the secrets she has unearthed. Her refusal will cost her life. Can Xerxes save the only woman he loves and keep Atlantis’ true existence from the rest of planet Earth?


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