Monday, April 7, 2014

April - Sound of Mountain Thunder - Dragon's Wings


Looks like spring has finally arrived in the mountains of the Blue Ridge of North Carolina and the sounds of motorcycles, or Mountain Thunder, as so many call it here, is getting louder by the day. For the month of April, the contest book has to do with riding in the Blue Ridge and the surrounding mountains. Tail Of The Dragon is a story of just that, riding the Tail of the Dragon, a favorite 11 mile stretch of road between North Carolina and Tennessee that twists and turns; a favorite for many motorcycle enthusiasts and sports cars alike. However, just as this story is about that road, it is also a tale about time-travel and a changeling dragon. The prize this month is a free e-book copy of Tail Of The Dragon. E-mail me at  Please put Dragon in the Subject line and a short line about either why you like motorcycles or dragons.

Look forward to hearing from you all.


Sultry’s March contest winner was Lynn.

Tail Of The Dragon

BLURB: Danielle rides her Ducati sport bike, ready to challenge a twisting, turning road known as Tail of the Dragon. But a violent unpredicted thunder storm forces her to park near the dam where the eleven mile stretch of road begins. From the black, threatening clouds, another challenge bursts from the weird, purple lightning storm in the form of a changeling dragon/knight.
     Garnith, a changeling/dragon, locked in battle with an evil wizard while in his dragon form. Cursed by the evil warlock and sent unto another time and place as his flaming breath engulfs the wizard, Garnith emerges in the twenty-first century over Fontana dam in North Carolina. Swooping down to drink from the fresh water of the dam he accidently touches a power-line, and, injured begins to change. He manages to land on the overlook where Danielle has taken refuge. Garnith sloughs off his backpack before passing out.
     Terrified but entranced with the creature changing before her eyes into a handsome, incredibly built, naked man, Danielle is drawn to the obviously injured man. She opens his pack to find clothes, among other curious personal possessions.
     Garnith wakes and sees Danielle. Thinking she is dressed like a warrior in her colorful riding leathers, he wonders at her going through his pack, but enjoys the strange way she is dressed.
     Seeing him awake, Danielle tosses a handmade shirt to him from his pack. Where and when is the strange place the wizard has sent him?
     Danielle and Garnith find chance has little to do with their meeting. Destiny has played a hand, and soon both find the evil wizard has found his way into the future, in another life, to exact revenge on Garnith. Discovering Garnith’s attraction to Danielle, the evil wizard captures her to use to his ends, revenge on the dragon. Unless Garnith can stop him.
          Ride the Tail of the Dragon!
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