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Tired of the COLD? Ready for Spring? Better yet, a vacation on a Caribbean Island? Me too! For my web site give-away for March, I’ve decided on featuring Submissions In Time. Check my web site for further information at or e-mail me at  – Blurb and rules below:


Daniel Maxwell, wealthy playboy who is used to getting any woman he sets his sights on, and C.E.O. shark who buys out struggling companies then turns a profit. Daniel doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Until Stephanie, former C.E.O. saunters into the boardroom still in control of the next largest portion of stock of her formally family owned company.

Stephanie, dressed to kill, has considered doing just that. But Daniel’s disarming good looks and suave manners puts a chink in her here-to-fore steel armor. However, furious over what she considers a hostile corporate takeover, she treats Daniel with cool distain.

Intrigued with Stephanie and her apparent immunity to his charms, something that has never happened before. Daniel plans to tame the spirited and aloof Stephanie by using the resources of his business holdings, including the time travel invention of a scientific think tank. He kidnaps Stephanie back in time to the 1700’s and a Caribbean Island. Here Daniel is lord of the island and unknown to Stephanie, she is now his blushing bride.

Enter a lecherous English lord and plantation owner who conspires with local pirates to ruin Daniel and steal Stephanie, their situation changes. Who will tame who? And when only Stephanie can return to the 21st century, will she come back for her – husband?


Winners from February’s 1st Year Anniversary of Atlantis Vortex’s Release

1st  place Wanda won the signed Paperback book and necklace

2nd place Lysette won the e-book copy


Contest Rules for March

Send an e-mail to:

Please put March Contest in the subject line.

In an e-mail explain why you would enjoy a real Caribbean Island Vacation back to the 1700s.

Drawing will be held at the end of March.

There will be two e-book copies as prizes to different winners.

Good Luck to all!

Sultry Summers

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