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Interview with Xerxes' Sister - Lady Alena Curtis

Secure Erotic Interviews Presents - An Interview with Lady Alena Curtis, the sister of High Lord of Atlantis.

An Interview with Alena Kallias Curtis, Wife of Lord Pericles Curtis, Head of Atlantis’ Upper World Security and Sister to the High Lord of Atlantis, she is the current Ambassador who representing both Atlantis and Pacific;

Welcome Lady Curtis, we are so glad you can be with us today to answer a few short questions about your life growing up in Atlantis, your marriage to Lord Curtis and of course your service to Atlantis as Ambassador.

Thank you, I’m pleased to be here and I’ll enlighten the readers on what issues I can.

First of all Lady Alena, can you give our readers and idea of what growing up in the under-world city of Atlantis was like.

I’m sure your readers will find it different, but to me and my friends it was a normal life and an enjoyable one. I went to our public schools with all the other children my age. In Atlantis it doesn’t matter who your parents are or what profession they are in, school is equal for all. I studied hard and made good grades. This was expected by both parents. They emphasized the other students expected Xerxes, our brother, now the High Lord of Pacifica, and myself set the example for the others. We of course gave parties and attended them, but unlike the parties in the upper-world, the parties didn’t get rowdy. Our field trips were to other under-world cities, once in a while small groups of students made excursions to some of the upper-world sites…and some off world ones.

Off World sites? Would you expand on that subject, please?

I can only say Atlantis as well as the other under-world cities-states have allies that are not of Earth. Further information, I cannot elaborate.

Can you give our readers some insight into Lord Xerxes as a child?

Lady Alena laughs; Certainly. I’m younger than Xerxes but older than Ainu, as a middle child. Xerxes has always been protective of his baby sister. That is, when I’ll permit it. She chuckled.

My brother taught me to swim, and to ride my bicycle. He instructed me how to scuba dive, control a submarine, and helped me with math. When I was of the age, Xerxes took me to the surface and taught me to drive a car. Of course, Pericles –ah, Lord Curtis and he were best friends from babyhood and they were usually together, so it surprised no one when we fell in love. She laughed. Except Xerxes. After he recovered from the shock and realized his best friend would now be his brother, he was elated.

How did you feel when you met Jessica for the first time?

Jessica is a very strong-willed woman. Just the fact she had captured my powerful willed brother’s heart spoke volumes of her character. Meeting her I found Jessica to be all I expected but with a softer side and a loyal and generous nature. When she left Atlantis to look for her parents and instead of asking her husband for his help because she knew the situation he was in, braved great danger, and put her own happiness at risk to protect Xerxes, well that sealed it for me. She loved him so much she feared chancing weakening his position in Atlantis. And, she loved her parents so much she trusted no one else to go and find them. Jessica and her parents fit well with our family. I’ll admit they have stepped into the role our parents vacated without disturbing their memory. Both go to great lengths to keep that memory alive.

How is your marriage with Lord Curtis going? Do you plan on a large family?

Alena smiled slyly. We are very happy together especially since he is home more now. Yes, we plan of a family, possibly not a really large one, but one that will start soon.

Can you tell us, Does Lord Xerxes plan to reveal Atlantis to those of the upper-world in the near future?

It has been discussed. There has been no definite date set but I think it will be a great while yet when we are sure the time is right.

How is your diplomatic efforts proceeding now that you are married?

Wonderfully. Lord Curtis has accompanied me on two off world missions and we both enjoyed them, reaffirming our friendship with two alien allies.

Thank you Lady Curtis for share a peek at the life in Atlantis with us. Atlantis does sound like as near to Utopia as possible. OF course this interview will be kept secure and only for the readers who are already familiar with Atlantis Vortex or those who want to learn about that great adventure.

Thank you again for inviting me. Interviews such as this educate the people of the upper-world and will expedite the day when the entire Earth will know of not only Atlantis but the other unknown city-states.

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