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The Romance Studio give Atlantis Vortex 4 Hearts!

ATLANTIS VORTEX, by Sultry Summers. This underwater treasure is sure to capture the hearts any lover of fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi romance genre. This reviewer will never look at the ocean or its sea life the same way again. Sultry Summers ability to created complex subplots will keep you turning the pages in rapid succession! Her original and off-beat concepts in this story will carry you away like a whirling riptide. Be prepared to be amazed and dazed by this oceanic adventure called…ATLANTIS VORTEX…

Overall rating: 4 Hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Janalee


Romantic Times Mag. May 2006(1st release) ROMANTIC TIMES MAGAZINE

MAY 2006

This is a creative story and an interesting take on the myth of Atlantis. The romance between Xerxes and Jessica is a combination of sweet and sexy.

Kristi Ahlers,

Atlantis Vortex

by: Sultry Summers



Atlantis Vortex is an amazing blend of action and romance. Jessica and Xerxes struggle to save Atlantis while fighting to be together. The constant action and deep love of Jessica and Xerxes will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. I enjoyed that Jessica was a very independent woman who did not depend on Xerxes saving her.

Reviewed by: Tewanda

From NOVELSPOT came this wonderful review ----Submitted by Johnna on Sat, 2005-05-14 18:56. Erotica | Romance | Fantasy | Paranormal Romance

Author: Sultry Summers


With this well-crafted and masterfully told story, the author has created not only the powerful love story of Xerxes and Jessica, but an entire world for them to belong to. The characters created are wonderful and well formed, but it is Atlantis itself and the imagery woven within this tale which makes the story come alive. Her attention to detail in explaining how Atlantis and other worlds could and do still exist makes it believable, allowing the reader to easily suspend any doubts and be swept into the story. This is a long tale but breezes by due to great plotting and elements of suspense which drive the reader forward wishing to discover what will happen next. I cannot wait to revisit Atlantis again in the future as well as the 'other' worlds brought to life in between these pages. Start to finish Atlantis Vortex is a jewel to be treasured. Sequel please and hurry!    Reviewed By Johnna

Enchanted In Romance

Atlantis Vortex by Sultry Summers

Paranormal Fantasy/Romance

The action in this story does not stop. A thrilling ride from beginning to end filled with action, intrigue and romance. I loved every moment of it. Ms. Summers has written a fantastic journey under the sea and I cannot wait for her next adventure. Congratulations Ms. Summers.

Reviewed by Laura.



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