Sunday, June 2, 2013

Presenting my latest release!
Come travel to another galaxy, another solar system orbiting the star Seti. To two neighboring worlds; one, the mother world, Seti-Cronus, a green and blue world much like Earth, and Alphxorn, a world that appears to be a desert world. Each world populated from people of the first world, Seti-Cronus. Over several generation they've grown apart, and distrustful of each other, their customs changing. Now threatened by space pirates out to conquer both worlds and enslave the populations they face a joint threat:
Blurb: Lady Zera, sister to High Lord Enos of Seti-Cronus, refuses to wed High Lord Sarc of the planet Alphxorn, distrustful of their disassociated cousins. But the neighboring worlds face an invasion of space pirates against which only their combined military strength can prevail.
On patrol, Enos and his entourage are killed by pirates despite assistance from two squads of Alphxorn’s fighters. Zera assumes the throne of Seti-Cronus.
Lord Sarc, renders Seti-Cronus’ military temporarily impotent, marches into Zera’s palace as a benevolent conquer, and demands her as his wife. A sword duel between them ensues.
Zera, unbeatable with her heirloom sword, draws first blood fulfilling an ancient prophecy. Her weapon becomes impossible to wield, leaving her disarmed and at Sarc’s mercy. How will he acknowledge her, as wife or slave? With both worlds’ militaries to command and Zera’s love to win, Sarc struggles amid undercurrents of treachery. Can he convince Zera he’s guiltless in her brother’s death—can Zera deny the feelings Sarc has awakened in her?

Another adventure in love, intrigue, villains, danger, and love - you don't want to miss it!
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