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Secure Erotic Times - Interview with Marcus Trident - Villian

Secure Erotic Times has obtained the final interview with the traitor of Atlantis, Marcus Trident. (Note; Mr. Trident is curled up on a bunk inside a Spartan cell at the security, detention holding area inside Atlantis. This interview is taking place just six hours before his execution for High Treason.)Because of security, Secure Erotic Times was asked to wait a time before posting this interview.
Thank you Mr. Trident for granting us this interview…
That is Councilor Trident, madam!
Excuse me, sir, I was told you were no longer a councilman in Atlantis. Can you enlighten us on those circumstances?
I have been falsely accused and framed for crimes against Atlantis that Xerxes Kallias is guilty of! When I attempted to prove his incompetence, I was arrested and tried for treason.
Those are not the facts that have been provided to this interviewer, sir. Would you care to explain further why you stole the large sapphires that powered the protection grid that safe-guarded Atlantis’ protection grid and resulted, in part, in these charges?
I took them, yes, but not to expose Atlantis as I have been accused, but to show how inept Xerxes Kallias is as a ruler. Instead of securing Atlantis I wanted to prove he would abandon the city and go panting after that upper-world slut he married.
But that is not what happened was it?
Of course it was! Had it not been for my nephews betraying me, my plan would have worked!
(This interviewer notes; Mr. Trident is laughing manically and has drawn into a tight ball, his legs pulled beneath him.)
You have also been found guilty of murder and attempted murder. What do you have to say on those accounts?
I’ve killed no one! I didn’t try to kill anyone. I did take the gun away from that crazy wife of Xerxes, she would have shot me if I had not. Her getting shot was an accident.
But after she was shot, you did not attempt to get her medical help, why?
Oh she got medical attention when we boarded the boat in Pacifica. That was all the doctoring she needed.
(Interviewer’s note: Subject is laughing again) You are aware the lack of prompt medical attention put her life at great risk/
I do not believe that! It was a lie started to slander my good name.
How do you explain the overwhelming evidence given in court against you?
It is all lies.
(Interview has moved away from the locked cell as Marcus Trident rushed the bars)
Thank you, ah Councilor Trident, this interview is at an end.
Summary: Obviously Marcus Trident is not in his right mind. Though doctors in Atlantis found him to be fit to stand trial, since then he has become more psychotic. Never-the-less, in Atlantis in cases such as his, the sentence of death will be carried out.
Atlantis Vortex – Romance, adventure, intrigue and yes, a manic villain
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