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  Interviews of Characters In the Novels Of Sultry Summers
          Presently Focusing on those in Atlantis Vortex 
     Asking those questions, you'd ask them if you could.
If any reader has a question for one of our quests, please submit it in the comment section and Sultry will attempt to get an answer for you from the character who has been reviewed.
                       This week, Sultry has as her quest; 
The former Head of the Archaeology Bureau for the State of Florida, Mr. Anthony "Skip" Sutherland currently of Atlantis - in Atlantis Vortex, the novel about Atlantis

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Join Secure Erotic Times for the second in our series of interviews with characters from Sultry Summers’ Atlantis Vortex. This week we have Anthony “Skip” Sutherland as our guest.
Welcome Mr. Sutherland and congratulations on becoming a first time father.
Call me Anthony, and I’m pleased to join you. Thank you on the kudos, I’m so proud to be the father of a healthy son.
Can you tell our readers a little about your life before the experiences that began at Lake Okeechobee?
That is one question I can answer without reservations. I was employed as the head of the Bureau of Archaeological Research for the State of Florida.
Is that how you came to be involved in what was found at the Lake and did your long standing friendship with Jessica Carter have anything to do with it.
Being in that position with the state did place me in the situation to be knowledgeable, and yes, I’m sure Jessica felt more confident in contacting me, as we were lifelong friends. I’ve known Jessica since she was born.
I understand for a time you were out of the “loop” because of security on the dig and the fear of an information leak?
Yes, I was, but I can’t comment further on that except to say, the leak was unfortunate and was sealed.
Anthony. Can you tell us what you thought when you learned Atlantis really exists?
Shock! I didn’t believe it at first. After the events that took place when Jessica and I were kidnapped and she was shot, I became a believer even without seeing the city. Anthony shrugged. I’ve never known Jessica to tell a falsehood.
Can you go into details about the shooting?
Most of the details are documented in the book, Atlantis Vortex. That is the best account of the events that lead up to and occurred afterward. I wasn’t in the trailer when it happened. I felt really badly about that.
What did you think when you saw Atlantis for the first time?
Complete amazement. Atlantis is a true wonder, one I hope the readers will get to learn more about.
How is your life been since the events that took place in Atlantis Vortex?
Much improved, my wife and I are reunited. We have our first child and are very happy.
Is life in Atlantis a big difference than life in the upper-world?
Yes – and no. Anthony laughed. Yes in that we don’t see the sun actually shine, but the days are a brilliant as if the sun were shining. No in that the stress level is tremendously lower.
How so, on the stress being lower?
People in Atlantis exist at a more casual pace. After the dinner hours, most people walk around their neighborhoods. It is common to see Jessica and Xer… I should say Lady Jessica and Lord Xerxes on these evening walks.
You stopped yourself and added titles to the ruler’s names. Why?
As I said, Atlantis operates on a casual mean. Only on the most ceremonial occasion would any one of the citizens address either so formally.
Anthony, do you believe in our life-time Atlantis will make herself known to the upper-world.
Anthony smiled furtively. That isn’t for me to speculate about. I can’t answer such a question.
Do you expect to return to the upper-world?
No. Neither my wife nor myself have that in mind. We love Atlantis and plan to bring our children up there.
There have been rumors of extraterrestrial contacts with Atlantis. Can you comment on that?
No, I can only say any references are in the book Atlantis Vortex. Your readers will have to be satisfied with those accounts.
Thank you Anthony for the answers you’ve been able to provide.
I am sorry to be so vague, my answers are limited. Perhaps some of the others that you will interview will be in a position to further elaborate.

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