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                       This week, Sultry has as her quest; 
Lord (Captain) Pericles Curtis, Head of Upper-world Security     for Atlantis - in Atlantis Vortex, the novel about Atlantis

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 Secure Erotic Times is pleased to welcome Lord Pericles Curtis, the Councilor of Upper-World Security for the City State of Atlantis
Thanks you for honoring me with this interview, I’ll be happy to answer any questions I can about the recent discovery of the hidden entrance to our City State and the harrowing events that forced the collapse of the pyramid. Please keep in mind, I am charged with the security of Atlantis.
Thank you Lord Pericles, I will also have a few personal questions if you wouldn’t mind. You have a charming smile Lord Pericles, I hope I haven’t embarrassed you?
Thank you, no, I don’t embarrass easily, but I am a newlywed so my personnel answers may reflect my need for privacy.
Understandable. We’ll begin with questions about Atlantis first.
How did you become Atlantis’ Councilor of Upper World Security?
Positions in Atlantis are often hereditary, passed from father to son, or mother to daughter and even father to daughter and so on. My mother was Head of Upper World Security, as the oldest in the family, and interested in Atlantis’ security I entered Atlantis’ military after college and earned the position as much as inherited it.
From your mother? In the upper-world that would be quite unusual.
As Atlantis becomes more known to the upper-world, rather than only known to certain governmental officials, I believe the people of the land will find we are different in this manner. Truly, men and women are equal.
Might I ask, sir, what your father does?
Yes, that question I can answer, my father was a is physician and so is my younger sister, and before you ask, my younger brother has just graduated to become a veterinarian.
You have need of veterinarians?
Of course, we have pets and animals in Atlantis and not all of them are aquatic.
Your revelation certainly changes will the upper-world’s perspective somewhat. But to stay on the tract set, can you give our readers a sample of what your duties entail.
I monitor the amount of knowledge garnered by the upper-world curiosity seekers about Atlantis and where it is located. This task generally is just that – monitoring, until recently. When such a breach in our security occurs or is about to occur it is my job and that of my squads’  is to seal it.
And Lord Pericles, just how do you accomplish that?
We utilize several methods depending on the seriousness of the breach. In the most recent, the discovery by the archaeologist Jessica Carter, our leader had two choices. Ms. Carter is now a permanent resident of Atlantis.
And what, in her situation, was the other alternative?
One used only in the most extreme cases, execution.
You would murder an innocent person for stumbling onto your city-state?
Only if nothing else could be arranged. You must understand, thousands of lives depend on our concealment and we give every opportunity to a person in this situation to relocate their lives and even that of their immediate family’s to a new life in Atlantis.
How many, ah, executions have you been responsible for Lord Pericles?
I have been in this position for ten years and in that time – none. Before me, my mother was responsible for one. She did everything in her power, but the individual was set to expose not only Atlantis but put others at risk too! For such an execution to take place it must be approved by our High Lord and Lady, seconded by the ruling council and before it is carried out the subject is given several chances to re-think their actions.
In regards to the newly discovered pyramid/ entrance at Lake Okeechobee, what made it possible for you to step in so quickly?
Lord Xerxes had anticipated the discovery under the conditions of the Lake and prepared, we – that is my squad and I were placed in position as United States Marines just for that purpose. However we didn’t expect the person who found it would be Ms. Carter. It was actually lucky – possibly fate, that it was her.
Now that the entrance is gone, is there anyway another archaeologist could find their way to Atlantis?
Not from that site – no.
You hint at others, are there?
No. That one was a trial by our ancient ancestors, and it failed. When Atlantis is ready to be completely revealed we shall do so. I won’t be many more years.
Do your people fear our people will dominate them?
No, that is the least of our concerns.
You seem very confident.
I know Atlantis’ abilities and too, we are a passive people. We wish to live in our world in a peaceful situation. We have no desire to make war, dominate others or participate in a war. That isn’t to say we cannot defend ourselves.
Some governments would consider that threatening. Is it?
Absolutely not! Just a fact.
How did you feel about protecting Ms. Carter when she was on the dig?
At first protecting Ms. Carter was just an assignment that went with the protection of the site. However, Ms. Carter is an extraordinary individual and we all, the squad and I, sort-of adopted her. We have become very fond of her.
You grew up with Lord Xerxes, and are in a distant way related. How close is your friendship to His Grace?
Very close, now is in-fact my brother-in-law. Before that we were good friends. Xerxes rarely stands on formalities.  Atlantis runs on a smooth system and requires little strict government intervention, unless we have someone like the recent traitor Marcus Trident trying to cause security problems.
That leads to one of my final questions. I understand you were married the day Ms. Carter left Atlantis in search of her parents and at the same time the traitor, Marcus, who was trying to expose Atlantis stole parts of the protect grid and left as well. What are your thoughts on that?
As you expect, we were anxious to catch the traitor and horribly worried about Ms. Carter, ah, Mrs. Kallias. By then it was a terrible situation.
I’m sure. Your wedding night was put on indefinite hold because of it.
Well, not indefinite, but delayed.
 I have several more questions I would like to ask, but I feel they would be violating the terms we agreed upon concerning the security of Atlantis. The fact you have been willing to admit the fabled lost world exists will probably not be believed by many of our readers.
Thank you for your time, Lord Pericles.
Thank you for inviting me. When Atlantis is ready to re-join their brethren in the upper-world, I’ll be happy to act as a liaison, let us hope that time will come sooner rather than later. We have much we can learn from each other.

Each week, Sultry will present another secondary character from her newly released, full length Novel, Atlantis Vortex and finally the Main Characters, Jessica Carter,  and High Lord Xerxes Kallias. E-mails will be sent out when each new interview is published on this blog.
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