Thursday, February 7, 2013


  I am so pleased to announce my long awaited, full length novel, is out and available at the buy links listed below.
If you feel lucky - and can wait please feel enter my FREE
Contest - full rules and the brief questions, taken from the excerpts on my web site are listed there. First prize is worth the chance at 
a signed, paperback copy of Atlantis Vortex AND a goody bag with one of the items being a $50.00 gift certificate to Victoria's Secret!
Anyone who enjoys a great Romance, an adventure with plenty of action, a mystery to be solved and several harrowing rescues will love this book. Not only are the main characters important but the supporting ones as well. The villain - he's a real... well you'll have to read the book to see just how horrible he is. 
Atlantis Vortex takes the reader from the depths of Atlantis in the Atlantic to the depths of the Pacific Ocean and from a mystery rescuer to love between two people that Fate tries to rob of their love. 
Again for more information check out my web site at:;jsessionid=5F014083D2848CCB968755EF944AF4E0  paperback

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