Thursday, January 24, 2013

After having the flu, right in the middle of edits which delayed the release of Atlantis Vortex. I'm pleased to announce I'm over the 'bug', pretty much, but more importantly, Atlantis Vortex has a fixed release date of February 4th, 2013. I'm really excited about the release. Melange Books has made the decision to release Atlantis Vortex as a lone release on that date! 
I have a contest planned, a nice one! Those rules will be released and posted on this blog, my web site and my Yahoo Group on that day. For now we'll just say the winning prize will include items that connect to the book, and of course a signed copy of a paperback book. For a closer look at Atlantis Vortex check out my web site at I've several pages set up and excerpts. I hope to add a few pages to the blog as well. For today 1/24/2013 I'm posting at The Romance Studio and giving away one signed copy and one e-book copy of the book (when its released). 
Atlantis Vortex is a romance full of mystery, intrigue and adventure and of course a hot love story. The heat builds between the main lady and the Lord of Atlantis. Check out the web site and get a good taste for the story.
The book will be available on 2-4-2013 on Melange - Books web site 


Mannouchka said...

woo Sultry Atlantis Vortex is coming out I am so happy hope you feel better soon
I want to wish you a wonderful week-end.
Take care

Sydney said...

Glad to know you are feeling ok..
Eagerly awaiting the release of the book!
Many thanks,