Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Atlantis Vortex will be released in January of 2013. We had all hoped for a December release, however, with time and a large manuscript, January proved to be the more logical month. I am working to get several pages up on my web site at www.sqpens.com  so everyone can get a taste for the book now.  And not just blurbs and excerpts - art work too! This is a wonderful story and I'm not saying that because I dreamed it up. It isn't all "fiction". No, I'm not proposing Atlantis is where the book says it is. I am saying that some of the action passages did take place, possibly not in the event of finding the entrance to Atlantis but as we go along, I'll related how some of the action I've written did take place, where and to whom. Though the names have been changed, in most cases, to protect the - either innocent or guilty, depending on your angle, I'll allow you to judge.
Just keep up with the blog - and feel free to ask questions about some of the scenes. For example, the "header" Jessica takes over her bike handlebars. That's a good OUCH if there ever was one.
For now, this is the first post on Atlantis Vortex but not the last. Tomorrow starts The Romance Studio's Christmas Party and I'll have some blurbs and excerpts up on it along with some of the art work that will be on the web site. Atlantis Vortex was a great treat to write, it took awhile to get it where it needed to go. The plot isn't simple or straight forward, there is a lot going on in it. From the discovery of the New World long before Columbus, to Aztec sacrifices, to crazy a archaeologist run a muck, and alien ambassadors who step in when needed. I don't think anyone will be board and during all of it, there is the love affair between Jessica and Xerxes, the High Lord of Atlantis. At the end you will ask yourself, "Maybe it is out there," and find yourself wishing it was. In a slightly southeasterly direction.

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