Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TAIL of the DRAGON - Released - TODAY IS THE DAY- my latest work of Imagination and Escapism out and available.  A great story for anyone who loves stories of fantasy, time-travel and romance. Knights/changelings who value their honor and valor and you know what? Modern maidens in distress! Actually, the story begins with the hero in distress. Garnith is cast into the future in his dragon form by an evil wizard. He suddenly comes out of the weird lightning storm he's riden through, into a clear blue sky over Fontana Dam in N.C. He sees a series of lines across the water. Of course, he has no idea what the lines are. Thinking they're a snare he avoids them - almost, his wing tips one. Electricity surges through him, has he been hit by lightning? Injured, he begins to change back into a man.... He's been cast into the 21st century and lands on a scenic overlook where Danielle, a spunky modern woman riding a Ducati sport bike has taken refuge from the storm. She sees him change from his dragon form into a handsome, but embarrassed, naked man. Frightened, Danielle can't leave the injured and unconscious changeling alone and in need of help. But what will she do with him when he regains consciousness? Heck of a way to meet a man? Sure is but possibly he's worth it. One way to find out, read Tail of the Dragon. While you read Tail of the Dragon keep in mind there really is a road that has come to be called 'Tail of the Dragon'. It's an eleven mile section of road between North Carolina and Tennessee where motorcyclists challenge the laws of physics vs. their skills – and sometime they lose. This stretch of road is preceded by Fontana Dam and inspired Tail Of The Dragon when I rode it with my husband back in 2009. Somehow, I just could see a dragon swooping down the clear, cold waters of Lake Fontana…and the story built from there. This area of the highlands of North Carolina has several other roads in a general 100 mile range that have been given other nick-names such as Moonshiner 28 because moonshiners' use to run 'shine' on the road. Now they're great scenic roads for not only motorcycles but cars too. This area draws artists' of all kinds, whether an author, a painter or maybe song writers. Possibly you like taking scenic or wildlife pictures with a camera.
Don't miss reading Tail of the Dragon whether you enjoy a good romance, fantasy, science fiction or you like riding motorcycles.

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