Friday, November 11, 2011

Blog Interview from Mila Ramos, Paranormal & Contemporary Romance

This is the interview Mila presented for me on Nov. 10th concerning the coming third book in the series Heirs Of the Dragon's Eye; I thought I'd repost it on my site for those who might not have seen it.

Interviewer: Your Highness, thank you for agreeing to this interview and answering a few questions for our readers.

            HRH Satrina: Thank you for the opportunity to introduce the third book in the series Heirs Of The Dragon’s Eye by Sultry Summers.

            Interviewer: First, can you tell us when the book will be available?

Satrina: The release date not set, yet.

            Interviewer: Can you give the readers an idea of how you fit into the story?

            Satrina: Only briefly. Satrina smiles slyly. I was left behind on one of the worlds Myng the Cruel conquered.

            Interviewer: I see, that is an intriguing statement, usually when Myng conquered a world, a woman in your high position would be added to his harem, not an enviable position. With your obvious beauty, how did you avoid his attentions?

            Satrina: Only by being far too young at the time. I was six when he ravaged my planet.

            Interviewer: I see. Can you give our readers a brief insight into the events of being left behind and what transpired afterwards?

            Satrina: Yes, I am ruler of my world and have been since Myng conquered it. At the age of six I became the only heir. My parents took great care to hide my older brother. I don’t know where, they didn’t tell me. Not because they didn’t trust me but for my protection from Myng’s mental powers. My Nanny was taking me to safety when she and I were trapped, she was killed. I escaped for a short time and managed to kill Myng’s Chief Commander, at that time, and four women guarding my mother who he took captive. My father had been killed. I didn’t see his death but in my soul I was painfully aware he was gone. My mother was taken onboard Myng’s ship, into his harem and died – shortly afterward… I can’t talk about that… here.

Interviewer: This must have terribly traumatic for a child of six, how did you survive such a shock?

            Satrina: I am the daughter of royalty. I was taught to control such emotions until the proper time. For years I didn’t know what happened to my brother nor did he know what happened to me. This is one of the untold mysteries of the first two books that will be revealed in the third.

            Brought before Myng, I expected to be executed. Only six, I was aware of the way things worked and was amazed when he announced I would be left in the care of his mother.

Interviewer: Were you relieved?

Satrina: Certainly not! Lady Jiuli was known to be as cruel as her son – after all, she raised Myng. Myng declared me the ruler of my world with Lady Jiuli as regent. The rest of my story will be chronicled in the third book of Heirs Of The Dragon’s Eyes. I would suggest if a reader hasn’t read the first two books; Star TyGer and Revenge – Immortal, they do so.

Interviewer: Thank you Lady Satrina for that short look at the early years of your life. With Lady Jiuli as your ‘mother’ I look forward to reading book three in the series Heirs Of The Dragon’s Eyes. Has it been titled?

Satrina: Satrina blushes, tentatively, yes, but I’ll wait to release that too.

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