Saturday, June 25, 2011

Troy-Lovers In The Mists - Great Review from Books You Gotta Read - A Book YOU GOTTA READ

Today I received a wonderful review on my 'new' mythology story Troy - Lovers In The Mists from Books You Gotta Read. I'd like to thank Lupa, their reviewer for the wonderful review she gave Troy - Lovers In The Mists -I've posted her comments for the full review please click on the link:
Sultry Summers has taken an ancient story and has given it a modern and delightful twist.
Troy – Lovers In The Mists is a fantastic story. The characters are well written and the scenes are vivid and leap off the page. And the ending – WOW what a fantastic finish.
If you are looking for a story filled with Ancient history, the magic of slipping back and forth through time and dastardly bad guys and fabulous lovers then this one is a book You Gotta Read.


Lisa said...

Big Congratulation!!

Kayelle Allen said...

Very cool! I was pleased that blogger let me comment this time. I like your site. :)