Monday, June 20, 2011


I would like to comment on the hopeful future of my series Heir Of The Dragon's Eyes the series. Book Three is beginning to take form and shape and promises to carry on with the ulimate evil in the galaxy with hotter, more deversified sex and some twists and turns. Characters who have sworn to fight evil and are lured into the dangers of that side of potenticial powers and others who are evil and strive to come back to the light of of truth. As we all do, we fight the temptations before us and must chose the paths we take. In book two much room is allowed for these changes a great many questions to be answered and what seems like lasting true love on both sides of evil and light change in book three. Characters mentioned in both one and two return to show up in unexpected ways and reshape events. Myng is gone - so is his evil mother Jiuli but their evil has been pass on and that will now be the fight in where it appears and in control of who. The floor is currently open for YOUR thoughts as readers though my plot lines is pretty set in-put is welcome.
I greatly admire a strong warrior for good who takes a stand and defends it, male or female however I also like to play 'Devil's advocate' and see that side as well.
Please leave all comments - if you have them and I'll see if they shape into book three and if not three possibly ---- four?
Sultry Summers

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Marissa St James said...

sounds like this series is going to keep you very busy. isn't that the best kind?