Sunday, May 15, 2011

REVENGE -IMMORTAL was released on Saturday from Melange Books. This is book two in the HEIRS OF THE DRAGON'S EYES series, book three is in the works. If you've read Star TyGer book One, you're ready to move forward in the lives of Star TyGer, Sapphire, Lapura, SyVar and of course Myng now in the next dimension after being "killed" and passing on. His wife still on this plane and pregnant on Earth with their heir. Myton, Myng's commander and the woman, Urtera, he saved from the evil Conqueror are united. In book two Myng's mother Jiuli and he are reunited in the fourth dimension, she is many times more evil than her son. As Myng, Solana, and Jiuli plan for their Revenge - Myng's heir is born and on the other worlds the children of the other character are also conceived, born and grow to adulthood. So the next story begins and follows the first. As the young heirs of the first confrontation grown to adults they get into all the mischief of young ones growing up. Each coming into the knowledge of their own abilites and the paths their lives will take, the threat of Myng's heir looms stronger by the day but fate throws them all curves. The Book Of Life Over Death ever at hand for wisdom and the king/ring - the Dragon's Eyes sits well on Solana's finger waiting to be passed to Myng's heir. However even that isn't set - yet and from his still viable ship, the Destructor, Myng and his evil mother, Jiuli monitors the growth of his heir on Earth while preparing what is left of the strange entity Destructor the ship, to again be a space worthy craft. Another tremendous confrontation is nearing and it will be decisive

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