Wednesday, May 18, 2011


As an author I've learned one thing and I'm sure this isn't news to any other author - Promotion - Promotion - Promotion! Like duh! What's the most effective way? Well there is Posting and this works really well but it can be very time in-effective. Time spent getting either a new and of course eye catching blurb together or just the right excerpt and then getting that cover picture to 'stick' to your e-mail. Blogs are great too but have the same time eating problems PLUS you then have to post that you've posted. LOL. Chats work - that is a fact but again time and posting is required. Either way the more complicated form of promotion become less time effective and takes away from your writing time. What is an author to do? I haven't got clue either - but I do know Promo is a necessity one we can't do without. I learned this the hard way and without intent. For a period of several months last year I wasn't in a situation where I could actually devote time to promo myself and sales dropped like a rock in a very still stream. I'm back in the grove now and things are looking up thank heavens. During that time, I was still able to write and did accomplish some work though now comes the 'proofing' part, which, in itself is really harder than actually writing. I find some of the business has evolved a bit, the market of course has change. New trends, erotica going hotter and of course the "tween" market stronger. I don't think I'll ever be able to write in first person. HATE IT! Always have since a teacher when I was in school (elementary) force the class to read a horrid book written in first person. Oh well!!!
My real next step is to master video trailers - Oh the computer is capable and once you get hooked up with a photo bank it helps - but finding good looking 'hunks' that fit the right character in your books - now that is difficult. I'm considering scanning them on - of course one must be careful of copyrights. Still I need a couple of good pictures for my last two books out.
Enough said - the bottom line is Promotion is and will remain the biggest hurtle to an author - outside of writing the always feared synopsis. Master these two need skills and the rest is easy - well less difficult.
Any advice is welcomed - Please leave a comment - I'll accept all comments gladly.

Sultry --- OH - I thought a little EYE CANDY was in order he he he!

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