Tuesday, March 8, 2011


To an author I think there are many milestones, when you get your first contract, that first really good review and anytime your books see print. Though I've had books in print before Star TyGer and the sequel should be as well - seeing a book in print and holding it in your hand is always a 'trip'. Planet Of The Veils is in print and I've enjoyed signing copies for those who have been close enough to have them signed or to those who have won them. I hope to get to do more of that with Star TyGer. The first book I signed was years ago and a vanity publish (blush) before I knew anything about writing or publishing. I had written the book as a way of honoring my mother and it sold well enough I actually made a small profit. However nothing, certianly not money, could top the feeling I got when, on vacation I walked into a truck stop and the sales lady behind the counter was reading a copy. My daughter, at that time thirteen, said "Mom, she's reading your book!" The woman heard her and flipped out. I got to sign the book for her and she was so thrilled. Not as much as I was and it will live in my mind as one of my fondest memories. I'm sure all authors have that one special memory and if they haven't had it yet, I hope they do soon. Its special - like when you get that first prom dress, or the first gift of really nice jewelry from a special guy - well maybe that doesn't quite explain it. I'll admit I cried for awhile after we left - OH I was happy but kind of overcome. Funny, it was a rainy day, we were camping and had stopped at the Truck Stop because they had a laundry. It was one of the best family vacations we've taken. From it came a story that I hope to publish in the next year or so. Because its a full length novel, science fiction/fantasy and possibly will go into two or three sequels I've taken my time with it. A story very dear to me. But the story that I published first is now out of print and waiting in its little computer file to be dusted off and sent to a new publisher - and YES this time it will get a good edit, something it didn't get that first time - and sorely needed. Still, the reviews were good and the plot sound. Pardon my reverie - ah but its raining outside, spring is in the air and we now live near where we camped that day. I can look out my office windows into the mountains and high trees and just a few hundred feet away there is a fast running stream... God - I love these mountains!


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