Monday, February 28, 2011

New Release from Melange-Books

Star TyGer by Sultry Summers - to be released on March 1st - by Melange Books at also check out my web site at . Star TyGer is the first (stand alone) book in the series of Heirs of the Dragon's Eyes series from Sultry Summers. Beginning with Sapphire a young Chinese astronomer with unusual blue eyes who while working overnight at observing a deep space sector of our galaxy sports a space battle between two forces - one obviously maliciously evil - the other desperately defending their world. Sapphires suppressed powers become overpowering and her eyes begin to glow, her body produces powerful, electrical orbs of blue energy which condense into beams of energy and using the telescope as a guidance device travel through the instrument and into space toward the battle at over the speed of light. Sapphire watches through the instrument as the destructive bolts caused by her now sexually aroused body inflict severe damage on the evil ship, disrupting the battle. By her telepathic senses alone she knows both parties of the battle will come looking for her - Sapphire, terrified, aroused and totally alone on Earth is now a hunted woman. Her only comfort is the advice given her by the Buddhist monk at the temple she attends to meditate. He assures her "The first lord coming is an honorable man and this lord she should go with."
Star TyGer is this lord. He arrives and their attraction is powerful - yet Sapphire is hesitant to go with the alien lord - only her fear of the evil lord close behind him and the erotic attraction to Star TyGer convinces her. Now the true battle begins for Earth, the galaxy and control of Sapphire, her powers and her heart.

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